Aragon Release Rocking Horse Act II

Mysterious Australian prog rock legends have released a sequel to a song they originally recorded way back in 1987! Even in the sometimes strange and nebulous world of Progressive Rock, I am certain this has never been done. The original song from 1987 was called Rocking Horse. It is now part of a larger, still unfolding work called The Rocking Horse Saga, and is referred to as Act I. Aragon recently dusted it off and created a lyric video as a precursor for their new additions to the story. See it here!

The new song, coming just over 30 years after the first one (Act I, above), is called Act II No Happy Endings. Musically it is wonderfully lush with a musical nod to the original. It starts off slow, before exploding into life at around 4.20 minutes. Interestingly, vocalist Les Dougans voice has aged beautifully. Although the high notes are no longer there, his voice has developed a depth, an emotion if you will, that was not present to such an extent before, yet it is still unmistakably Les.

The nucleus of the band has remained stable pretty much since its inception.

Leslie Dougan- vocals, drums and precussion
Tom Behrsing- Keyboards, Bass Guitar.
John Poloyannis- Guitar, Keys, Bass and some Percussion.

What is interesting is that for some of their previous albums, Aragon used a drum machine in place of real drums. This technique was used to great effect on the Mouse album. On this new piece of music, they have gone back to real drums.

While I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Aragon are preparing for a full on new push into the music world, hearing anything new from these guys is a real and rare treat. I believe they are often messing about in the studio creating stuff, but little of it gets heard. Perhaps they are about to “unleash the unheard”! If they are and if it is of the same quality as Act II, No Happy Endings, we prog rock lovers are in for a wonderful treat!

You can support the band by buying the song HERE

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