Coreign consists of the incredibly talented husband and wife team Curry and Reto.
Between them they can play just about every instrument! The music created by this unique pairing transcends labels, although Progressive Rock is perhaps the closest fit.

Curry is fond of Progressive Rock and bands like “Within Temptation”, “Evanescence” or “Nightwish”, Reto’s influences mainly stem from Hard Rock, Metal and Punk bands like “Led Zeppelin”, “Cure”, “Ufo” and many others. Having Rock Music as their melting pot play ground, they released 7 Albums, 1 EP and 1 Single between March 2014 and March 2016, produced all by themselves within an ultra-short time. Using very few correction and re-recordings, their songs have a very vivid and live-sounding character that stands in contrast to the over-corrected and over-produced sound often found in modren music.


For more info visit their website.

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