Dilemma – Random Acts of Liberation

Caught between the worlds of progressive and classic rock, I like Dilemma. I like them a lot. Their new album ‘Random Acts of Liberation’ is full of clean lines and gentle melodies. Listed as a Dutch/British progressive band they have in fact been around for quite a while. Formed way back in the 90s and signed to SI Music in Holland they kinda dissapeared of the scene in 2012. They have been busy, though not in the public eye and have returned with a brand new album which you can pre-order right now from their official website (link below). If the first few songs are anything to go by then we are in for a treat. Endorsments from the likes of Mike Portnoy, Ayreon and Ton Sherpenzeel and a recently completed European tour with ‘Sons Of Aplollo’ sees this band gearing up for a huge 2019. For fans of Threshold. Check it out.

Website: http://dilemma.band

Pre Order Here: https://shop.dilemma.band


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