Fleesh is a Brazilian rock project formed in 2014 by Gabby Vessoni and Celo Oliveira. Their influences are Marillion, Genesis, Rush, Pink Floyd and many others!

There is little information about Fleesh out there in the wild. The above quote was all they had on their website. However, there are plenty of youtube videos to check out, and check them out I have!

They record original music as well as entire albums of cover versions of their favorite musicians. There is an album of Marillion songs called “Script For A New Season”, a Rush tribute called “The Next Hemisphere” and an album called “versions” that has a selection of cover versions from many different bands such as , Pink Floyd, Genesis, Van Zant and several others.

These are not just cover versions, they are sublimely beautiful, with each one being injected with a touch of frailty, a vulnerability if you will, that singer Gabby Vessoni portrays so wonderfully.

This is their version of Pink Floyds “Final Cut”

And here is one of their own entire albums, “What I Found”.

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  1. I love watching the Rush videos….They are/were the greatest band ever. Any chance you will be covering any other Rush songs on video? Keep up the great work…..Amazing voice Gabby.

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