Kamelot – If You Haven’t Heard Of Them

Look, I love Kamelot and so should you.
It’s heavy, melodic and without a doubt, they have one of the best singers in the world in Sweden’s Tommy Karevik. Just listen to ‘Under Grey Skies’ below to be amazed featuring Charlotte Wessels from Delain.
I met them in Melbourne on the Haven tour a few years back. They were just recovering from losing singer Khan. I had actually thought Khan was irreplaceable and I thought the band was probably over. Khan left under unusual circumstances and the band had gone on a hiatus to see if he would return. Burned out from the years of hard work and changing to a new lifestyle, Khan decided to make the split final and the hunt was on for a replacement. Khan at the time was one of my favorite singers and in my opinion irreplaceable at the time. And then they found Tommy who breathed new life into guitarist Thomas Youngblood’s amazing songs .  The rest is history…
For fans of heavy symphonic rock.

With Tommy Karevik

With Khan

Best albums
The Fourth Legacy, Haven, The Shadow Theory, Poetry for the Poisoned.


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