Magnum – Double Live Album

Who does that now? Who releases live albums? Who releases double live albums, commonly known as the kiss of death in record company circles. Well, Magnum have never been known to adhere to the rules and thats just fine by me. I first came across Magnum supporting David Coverdale’s Whitesnake. They had just released their debut Kingdom of Madness and no-one had really heard of them. Now you have to remember, this was the Glasgow Apollo in 1978. The NWOBHM had just kicked in. Darlings of the new age were Def Leppard and Iron Maiden and here was Magnum in amongst it all. Tony Clarkin with his floppy hat and Bob Catley in his sparkly top. The band were all in spandex and I must admit when they came on the stage my first thought was “these guys are gonna get killed tonight.” Two songs in and I was hooked. The Apollo welcomed them with open arms and a tiny bit of “who the f**k are these guys?” I went straight out the next day and bought the debut album and love it. 20 albums later an I’m still a fan. If you have never heard of Magnum, and you like them, you have a bit of catching up to do. This will be a great place to start and if you do decide to delve deeper, there’s a lot to get through….but it will be worth it. Enjoy!

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