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I feel bad for having just discovered these guys and gals. Motion Device is a Canadian band who play a wonderful blend of Classic Rock, Prog Rock with a touch of power. They are fronted by a young lady called Sara Menoudakis who started singing with the band in 2010 when she was just 9/10. They began by uploading videos of them performing cover versions to Youtube. Check out this amazing version of Black Sabbaths Heaven and Hell. I believe she is just 11 years old.

One may criticize the young Saras vocals but you are seeing the formative beginnings of something very special. The music is flawless, with the bass playing perhaps even better than the original song.

Although the band were courted by major record labels, they decided to fund their own music VIA the crowd funding site Kickstarter. In a very short time they had received enough money to record their debut album Eternalize, which spawned this song, Thick Skin.

The debut album was yet another stepping stone to a bigger far more ambitious project. When this band steps forward it’s with giant leaps! They started another crowd funding effort on Kickstarter which resulted in them getting enough money to indulge in this….A double CD concept album called Wide Awake! Few artists are brave enough to tackle a double CD these days, and even fewer with the audacity to make it a concept album. They were able to tour the USA on the strength of this album, here is ALIVE.

Here is another one from the Wide Awake opus Soul Shaker

The band is made up of
Sara Menoudakis, Vocals
David Menoudakis, Drums and Percussion
Andrea Menoudakis, Bass and Keyboards
Josh Morroco, Guitars.

It is so heartwarming to see such young musicians delving into the past and taking cues from the original legends of rock without ripping them off note for note (yeah I’m looking at you Fleet). The future looks extremely promising for these young artists and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next!

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  1. I have followed them for about 3 years now, even got a tattoo and signatures. Love all they do. Motion Device Warriors on Facebook is committed to sharing the music and we are Worldwide with ties to many other artists, however our Facebook page is dedicated to MD! Wonderful review and it will be shared! Thank you and Rock On!

  2. Great review Paddy! I had totally given up on new music until I discovered them 3 years ago. They are not just for old rockers like me, my kids, and now there friends, are also big fans. Kids are the future and with Motion Device, the future ROCKS!

  3. Thank you for writing such a great article and spreading the word about these talented young rockers. They have been working hard on creating great music for years and each album they have made is better than the first. Every one of their originals is fantastic, lyrics with meaning and music that moves you to the core. No auto tune here!! Their Highroad tour last summer to the US was awesome. I with many of their fans had the privilege of see Motion Device live. They sounded every bit as good and even better live, performing their songs. If you get the opportunity to see them live, it is well worth it!! Motion Devices new album is in the works and they have been teasing us with clips of what’s to come on their Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear their newest creations!!

  4. Love this band and if it’s not enough there is another young band out of Mexico called “The Warning”. They too are staying away from the labels and making their music via Kickstarter.

  5. Your article is right on target! And ditto what Sil Pro said- don’t miss MD’s next album or, your next chance to see them live!

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