Sweet Oblivion – The Ghost of Queensryche

Sweet Oblivion and ex Queensryche singer Geoff Tate have come together and pulled off a stunner of an album that certainly gives a nod and a wink to early Queensryche. Released through Frontiers on 14th June worldwide, Sweet Oblivion is a new metal project featuring legendary singer Tate together with a team of skilled Italian musicians put together by Simone Mularoni, the mastermind behind prog metal masters DGM. The idea for Sweet Oblivion was to create a musical landscape for Tate which was akin to the sound of the metal albums he released with Queensryche during the 80s, along with some other different musical influences thrown in to sweeten the pot. They hit the nail right on the head. The 10 track album is brimming with past glories. You would believe it was recorded back in the early 80s and was an album you missed from then. Check out the video below:

Apparently, Tate was again difficult to work with and is now no longer communicating with the band so we will see if this spawns another album. For now this is a good listen.


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