The Bombers – Aussie Hard Rock

Actually, Aussie hard rock is a little misleading as The Bombers featured Status Quo’s rhythm section as the basis and starting point of this band. Yes, they were formed in Sydney but basically, the band featured British stalwarts  Alan Lancaster and John Coughlin from the mighty Quo. The music is a far cry from Quo though. Much more Arena rock than boogie rock, this band had found a new identity. They settled on Tyrone Coates who hailed from Western Australia on vocals, formerly of an outfit called Boys Downunder – where Alan and John had witnessed him during a ‘Party Boys’ support. He was an exceptional find and a good name to file away at the time. The boy could sing. The lead guitarist was a guy named Angelo Salter – an axe whiz who’d studied his craft at the Conservatorium of Music.
Their first show was opening for Cheap Trick in Sydney way back in 88. They did support Alice Cooper and Skid Row in their time but the album failed to impress and in the end, the band simply dissolved. Its a shame as the album was rather good.

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