The Darkness – A Light in the Dark

Take a little dash of early 70s rock, a wild excessive fontman, a “who give a —-” attitude, a voice that reaches the stratosphere and a bunch of impressive rock songs and you get an idea of what The Darkness are all about. These guys Rock in the full sense of the word. Loud, brash, dangerous and crazy……with class. I hear regularly that classic rock died when the 90s hit, well to me that just means you stopped looking. The Darkness are everything good about the “Rock” brand. They live it. They take chances, and it just works. Their debut album rocketed them into the limelight scoring hit after hit. In my opinion their second album is even better, but it came out just at the turn of people moving to digital and discarding CDs. This in turn led to a downturn in physical sales for the band (a false reading if you like) and it caused pain. line-up changes galore were forthcoming but the core of the band are now back together and doing what they do best. These guys deserve much more of your attention 😀


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