The Return of the Tygers of Pan Tang

Actually, the title is misleading. They never went away, but I did loose contact. Turn back the clock. I was 18 maybe 19. The NWOBHM had just hit and I was prime target material. Maiden, Saxon, Leppard were all strutting their stuff of early beginnings and I was falling for it. Kerrang was king of the magazines and bands were appearing 10 a penny, out of the woodwork. Suddenly, mainstream heavy metal was in vogue. It wasn’t new but it was becoming fashionable. I had heard of the Tygers of Pan Tang and because I liked the name (taken from a Michael Moorcock book) they peaked my interest. I went out and purchased their first 7″ vinyl (I still have it among others) “Don’t Touch Me There” was pretty standard fair for the day and the album “Wildcat” was decent for a first release. Anyway, I lost touch with them after their second album and TNWOBHM kinda faded away. So I’m trawling through the net reminiscing and lo and behold, as if out of the blue The Tygers of Pan Tang pop up. New song. I give it a listen and damn, its a mighty fine song. So much so I’m really interested in the album coming out on the 22nd November this year. It’s called “White Lines” and you can check it out below 😀

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