Tori Lamour

Watching the young, fresh new talent taking complete control of the stage and rocking out like it’s the only thing keeping her alive; you can’t help but be drawn to Tori Lamour. For those who haven’t seen this artist, this is no manufactured, artificial performer. Tori knows what she wants and is out to get it!! ‘At 13, I decided this is what I want… I WANT TO ROCK THE WORLD!’ Tori is now well on her way to doing just that. Artists dream of finding a management deal, then a record contract but few find it. Call it luck? Tori signed a management deal at the age of 14. Then finding out she played 3 instruments sealed the deal. With a whole music career ahead of her, Tori knows the kind of woman/artist/musician she wants to aspire to. Tori’s image may be one of a rock chick and sometimes dark and rebellious nature but she is not afraid to be who she wants to be. Touching upon all emotions and feelings, found in every one of us, through her music. Being a crazy rock chick is what Tori is, not just a skin the singer feels comfortable in. She is confident, refreshing, sexy and attractive knowing her own mind and style and if that wasn’t enough, is a very talented musician. First picking up a guitar at 8 and learning the piano and drums from the age of 13.

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